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‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.’ - Margaret Mead


The Data Management Hub (DaMaHub) thrives on community efforts of passionate individuals and progressive organisations. As a community-driven initiative, DaMaHub flourishes on active discussion and direct feedback from a multitude of individuals from researchers to organisations working on preservation of scientific outcomes in F.A.I.R formats.

We welcome any organisation or individual interested in contributing to design and continuous development of decentralised community data infrastructure for science aimed at bridging the gap between IPFS and existing scholarly communication infrastructures and governance models, from data repositories and linked data to DOIs and ORCIDs. All participants of DaMaHub are expected to follow the DaMaHub [code of conduct](LINK).

How to get involved[edit]

 * in case Jitsi fails, install Wire and connect with @parfenov @eocarraghain @aboynejames

Community groups[edit]

There are a number of community and use-case development groups [LINK] open to participation from interested individuals and organisations.

Participating Institutions[edit]

DaMaHub community involves a fast growing number of passionate about long term data stewardship individuals and organisations. Participating institutions includes:

Open Knowledge Ireland

University College Cork

Living Knowledge Network

Protocol Labs

Blockchain for Science